Suisun Nature-Based Solutions Survey

Sustainable Solano seeks to empower Suisun City residents, community organizations and city staff to collaboratively co-develop projects necessary to enhance natural ecosystems, address sea level rise and flooding, and create a more climate-resilient Suisun City.

Please fill out the survey below. These surveys will be used to orient and adapt our educational events/outreach materials and inform the design and content of future community meetings regarding climate adaptation and nature-based solutions.
1.Which ZIP Code do you reside in?
2.How familiar are you with projected flooding/climate change impacts expected to face Suisun City?
3.Nature-based solutions involve the intentional use of natural and nature-based features (e.g. marshes and mangroves, coral and oyster reefs, etc.) to reduce risks from coastal hazards and deliver multiple environmental and socio-economic benefits. How important is it for Suisun City to prioritize nature-based solutions to sea level rise?
4.What activities or functions are most important to you along the Suisun shoreline? (check all that apply)
5.What information or data would be helpful to receive in order to provide input on planning solutions to flooding and sea level rise?
6.What types of solutions to flooding and sea level rise would you like to learn more about? (check all that apply)
7.How would you like to stay engaged? (check all that apply)
8.Please give us your email if you wish to be contacted when there are opportunities to be engaged.
9.What does your ideal vision of Suisun City look like? (Please also use this space if there is anything else you would like for us to know.)