Scholarship to the Advanced Academy:  Cohort 8

The Northeast Region of the Association for Learning Environments (A4LE), is offering a scholarship for members to participate in The Advanced Academy:  Cohort 8.  The scholarship will be given to a member in good standing and who is committed to the profession and wants to become actively involved in the Association at the Chapter, Regional, and International levels but need financial assistance to participate. 
Please submit your application by April  23, 2021.
The Advanced Academy for Designing Learning Spaces-Cohort 8
The scholarship will financially assist a member with registration into the full program. 
Applicants must be a member of the A4LE. 
The Region will award one scholarship in the amount of  $5,000.  The scholarship award winner will be expected to complete each module of the program with at least 80% to earn the certificate, report to the Northeast Region progress in the program, and make a presentation about the program at a Regional event.  If the scholarship recipient does not achieve at least an 80% in each module, the region will no longer provide the funding to continue in The Academy.
Schedule of Scholarship
Application Due                   April 23, 2021
Application Review             April 26 - May 14, 2021
Scholarship Announced     May 17, 2021
Advanced Academy Cohort 8
Schedule Subject to Change

Module 1: Learning Theories – Frameworks for School Design
                  Instructor:  Sandra Duncan, EdD
                  August 16 – September 26, 2021
Module 2: Leading Educational Visioning and Community Engagement
                  Instructor:  Page Dettmann, ALEP
                  October 4 – November 21, 2021
Module 3: Assessment of the School Facility
                 Instructor:   Rob Pillar, ALEP
                 November 29 – January 16, 2022

Module 4: Educational Facility Pre-Design Planning Services
                  Instructor: Sue Robertson, ALEP
                  January 24 – March 6, 2022
Module 5: High Performance School Design
                  Instructor:  Aaron Jobson
                   March 14 – April 24, 2022
Module 6: Project Management / Project Delivery
                  Instructor:  Irene Nigaglion