This survey will provide Virginia AER Board feedback on your experience with AER as well as the 2018 Virginia AER Conference. 

* 1. Check all the boxes that apply to  you and your experience with Virginia AER:

* 2. Please describe any ideas of what you think the Virginia AER Board  can add to our chapter that will meet your professional needs.

* 3. Please share with the board what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of our Virginia chapter. 

* 4. What do you think should be the top priority of the Virginia AER board? 

* 5. What do you see as the challenges of our chapter for the next five years and any ideas on how we, the board and you, may meet them? 

* 6. How would you like to contribute to our field and how can the chapter help you make that happen? 

* 7. Are you a member of AER? If so- GREAT!! If not, why? 

* 8. If an AER member, would you consider running for a Virginia AER board position? (please contact a Virginia AER board member)

* 9. Please share any other thoughts about the conference or chapter with the board.