1. All About Pat Parelli Pop Quiz

So, how much do you know about Pat Parelli? Take this pop quiz and find out!


* 1. Pat was born is:

* 2. When Pat was age 13, Troy Henry recognized his talent and took him under his wing.

* 3. At what age did Pat start riding in rodeos?

* 4. In 1972, Pat won rookie of the year, with a buck-off average of 4%, in what category?

* 5. After retiring from the rodeo, Pat focused on:

* 6. Pat was once on the verge of leaving the world of horses.

* 7. What were the three significant events that changes Pat's life?

* 8. In 1983, while performing bridle-less in California, who were the three men he met that are described as the major contributors to Pat's wealth of knowledge?

* 9. Currently, Pat Parelli has International Offices and Centers in: