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Thank you for participating in the Perinatal Resource Mapping Survey.

The Perinatal Resource Mapping Project is an initiative of Nurture, a nonprofit organization committed to improving the health and wellbeing of childbearing families in Richmond, Virginia. 

Our goal is to conduct a comprehensive assessment and mapping of perinatal resources in the Greater Richmond Area. We are starting with Lactation, Mental Health, and Doula Support Providers, as respondents to our 2021 COVID-19 Survey for Pregnant and Postpartum Parents indicated these as their top three needs. 

If you are a Lactation Support Provider, Perinatal Mental Health Provider, or Doula/Birth Companion operating in the Greater Richmond Area, we invite you to complete the Perinatal Resource Mapping Survey and share it with your colleagues.

Please note: We are attempting to measure the total number of INDIVIDUAL Lactation, Mental Health, and Doula providers operating in Virginia Department of Health’s Planning District 15, which comprises the City of Richmond and Henrico, Chesterfield, Charles City, Hanover, Goochland, Powhatan, and New Kent Counties. If you work for an organization that employs multiple providers, please share the survey with them and encourage them to complete it. This will enable us to accurately measure how many providers there are per 1000 birthing people in our district.

Thank you so much for this key support!!

Challenges in accessing accurate information and resources was the single largest recurring theme in surveys of Greater Richmond’s childbearing families and service providers conducted by Nurture in 2016 and 2018. The need for “one common place where every provider could post information” and “increased awareness/access for low income at risk families to the assets we have" was recognized across the board. 

The Perinatal Resource Mapping Project is a first step toward the creation of a community driven, web-based “resource navigator” that will contain a searchable, filterable database and calendar of local pregnancy, birth, and early parenting resources, and provide evidence-based content geared towards people who are pregnant or in their first two years of parenting. 

By documenting and verifying existing resources, this project will help identify gaps in existing resources and provide a foundation for future initiatives to address these gaps. The database resulting from this project will be shared publicly in order to increase access to existing supports in our community. 

We appreciate your feedback as we work to create a comprehensive map of pregnancy, birth, and early parenting resources in our community.
Please direct any questions to:
Leslie Lytle at
or Cait Minnick at

Thank you for all that you do! This project and much of the support
already found in our community would not be possible without you.

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