The CINPA Board puts in a significant amount of effort to bring presenters in to our monthly meetings in order to provide quality content.

Now is the opportunity for each of you to play a more active role in this process.

We are interested in finding out who or what type of technologies you would like to have as presenters for our monthly CINPA meetings. Please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts.

Please don't be shy, lazy or worried about criticism. Give us your thoughs.

Thank you. CINPA Board
Survey can be found online at

* 1. If you have the name and contact information for a particular person please provide that here.

* 2. If you have a particular company name that you would like to have invited to present please provide that here.

* 3. If you have an industry or technology that you would like to have invited please provide that here.

* 4. What is your name?

* 5. What is your email address?