Life when you're single can be entirely happy and straightforward, or it can be practically and financially tricky, and sometimes emotionally difficult too.

Netmums is working with Gingerbread to find out more about life for single parents - we hope the information will come in useful as they think about what single parents most need in the next few months.

Gingerbread is the leading national charity working to help the UK’s 1.9 million single parents and their children. They run a free helpline for parents on 0808 802 0925 and lots more. Find out more at

* 1. Please could you tell us, are you...

* 2. How do you feel about Christmas time? Which of these most closely describes how you feel?

* 3. Which of the following cause you stress? (tick as many as apply)

* 4. We'd like to go on and ask about more general things and what would make a difference. First, about combining paid work with bringing up children and how this might be made easier for single parents.

Do you have a paid job at the moment?

* 5. Which of the following THREE options which would make most difference to you. We are interested in your views whether you are working or not.

* 6. How else do you think the Government could help parents balance work and family life?

* 7. Do you have any suggestions for things that employers could do to help make work easier for families too?

* 8. If you're looking for work at the moment, have you seen any jobs that you could apply for which fit the following descriptions? Please answer for every option.

  Yes, I've seen some jobs like this Yes, but I've seen very few jobs like this I haven't seen any jobs advertised in this way
Part time
In school hours
Job share
Flexible in another way

* 9. The next few questions looks at family life, including your child's contact with their other parent. (Some questions might not apply if you are a widow).

Which THREE of these you think would make the most difference to your family.

* 10. Please tell us more about the options you have chosen. How would you like this kind of support to be delivered? For example, would you like to see more practical support in children's centres? Please tell us your ideas.

* 11. Is there anything we've missed altogether that would help improve your family life? Let us know here.

* 12. Last question -What do you think would make the most difference to the image of single parents and the stigma they too often experience?

* 13. Sometimes we use quote to make our work come to life. Would you be happy for your comments to be used by Gingerbread in their report or by Netmums? We won't use any details that might identify you.

* 14. Finally, if you are also happy to take part in any publicity for Netmums/Gingerbread to highlight issues arising from this survey, please leave your details for us.