This survey is to collect input on Montgomery County's plan for Community Electric Vehicle Charging. The Community EV Charging Plan is intended to guide County agencies, local governments, and the public in how to prioritize public investment in EV charging. Electric Vehicles and EV charging are relatively new technologies and policymakers and EV drivers all still have much to learn about best practices to locate, use, and manage community EV charging. 

Community EV charging includes any EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) that is accessible and intended for use by the general public. Community EV Charging may be located in residential neighborhoods, apartment and townhome communities, office and retail developments, highway rest areas, parks, schools, community centers, and more. Community EV charging can include all types of charging power levels: Level 1, Level 2, or DC Fast Charging. For more information about EV charging, please visit

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* 1. What is your perspective in taking this survey? Select all that apply.

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* 2. Do you drive a plug-in vehicle or plan to get a plug-in vehicle in the future?