Making bedding better your horses... and for the planet

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Bedmax Equine Bedding Survey 2021
Keeping your horses and the environment healthier

The great majority of owners understand how important it is to create the healthiest stable environment they can for their horses. 

But we know we can always improve our knowledge and raise our standards of care, so in this survey we are asking you to help us:
  • highlight the main stable-related healthcare problems affecting horses today
  • help raise awareness of how much we can improve preventative healthcare
  • minimise our impact on the environment by making and using bedding in the most eco-friendly way...

As a thank you for responding, we are giving away a pallet of our bedding to 2 Winners in our Survey Draw. When you complete the survey, we'll enter you automatically in the draw and give you a chance to Win 1 of 2 pallets of Bedmax large flake shavings, Littlemax fine flake shavings or our new Strawmax straw pellets.

The survey closes at 12.00 midnight on Sunday 12th December 2021

The survey and draw are open to all residents of the UK and Ireland aged 18 and over. The 2 winners will be drawn at random from all completed surveys and informed immediately by email. The winners will each receive a full pallet of your choice of BEDMAX or LITTLEMAX shavings (42 bales) or STRAWMAX (65 bags) delivered by arrangement.

Thank you and good luck.

17% of survey complete.