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RIPP (Research in Practice Program) focuses on research projects where business, non-profits and scholarship can most effectively intersect for outcome-oriented solutions. RIPP takes an interdisciplinary approach, working across the university and throughout the area’s business and research communities to provide academically rigorous, collaborative projects that build on the students’ experiences in and out of the classroom.

Student projects have included the development of a technical repair manual for repairing medical equipment in the 3rd world (now being piloted in Africa by the Center for Disease Control), development of a business plan for funding orphan disease research (now being implemented through the Chordoma Foundation), development of a credit scoring mechanism for business lending in a local non-profit community bank, development of a policy proposal for assisting young adults in the transition from Foster Care Durham to independent living and development of a web site which focuses on the impact of the internet on communication, democracy and censorship (www.capturechange.org), to name a few.

The RIPP-Engage Summer Fellows program will sponsor up to 5 students per summer for a follow-up “Engage” experience. These students will be designated RIPP-Engage Summer Fellows. Each fellow will build on some aspect of the of their previous DukeEngage experience by returning to the original country, working with the original hosting institution or agency in a different location, addressing the same civic issue with a different organization, implementing an action plan in the same or different location, etc. As with RIPP, RIPP-Engage Summer Fellows will collaborate with faculty on projects that help find economically feasible, implementable solutions to real-world problems. Preceding, proceeding or while doing this they earn an independent study (IS) or regular course credit for their efforts.

RIPP-Engage Fellows can will be awarded stipends of $3000 per student. The student funds will support travel, living and miscellaneous expenses over the summer. RIPP-Engage Fellows will be responsible for arranging and paying for their travel, immunizations, insurance and other expenses.


Admissions: January 20, 2011-February 21, 2011 at 5pm
Interviews and Selection: March 1-18, 2011
Notification: Friday, April 1, 2011

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