Equity Initiative and Actions

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This survey was developed to help prioritize the Quick Starts: 5-Year Actions in the Equity Initiative.

Quick Starts are some of the first steps the City of Portland and partners will take to set this strategy in motion, including specific tasks to be completed during the Comprehensive Plan update. Please use the Equity Initiative and the draft strategy documents as references as you consider which actions should be prioritized.

Equity Initiative

The initiative establishes an ongoing Office of Equity to accomplish these goals. The office will be established in consultation with the Human Rights Commission, the Portland Commission on Disability, the Coalition of Communities of Color, the Diversity and Civic Leadership Program Partners, business leaders and community members.

The office will be tasked with:

- Evaluating government processes and programs, and holding bureaus accountable to set equitable goals.
- Assisting bureaus in setting metrics, designing data collection, and developing accountability reports.
- Publishing regular progress reports.
- Working with private sector and community partners in a way that supplements, complements and supports the good work already under way.

The office will include a strong Civil Rights component, and will include a focus on reducing racial and ethnic disparity. Provided below are the actions that will be taken to implement the Equity Initiative. Please consider the questions provided on the following pages and share your responses.