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The Autism Society Inland Empire has received a grant to gather baseline information about how knowledge and access to different types of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices and techniques here in the Inland Empire. AAC refers to ways, other than speech, that are used to send a message from one person to another.

We appreciate your time in helping us determine what resources are available and being utilized here in the Inland Empire.

* 1. What is your profession?

* 2. What is the primary age group of clients/students you currently have?

* 3. Which county are most of your clients/students live in?

* 4. How long have you been working with individuals with disabilities?

* 5. What percentage of your caseload is made up of individuals with:

* 6. What percentage of your caseload/class would you say was:

* 7. If you have students/clients that use AAC, can they use AAC to:

* 8. How would you report your level of knowledge of augmentative communication methods and devices? We are talking about using these techniques to communicate only. Not for recreational, educational or reinforcement purposes.

  Not Knowledgeable Somewhat Knowledgeable Very Knowledgeable
Apple Products (iPads, iPods, iPhones)
Dynovox devices (i.e. Dynawrite)
Go Talk
Letterboards or Numberboards
Prente Romich devices
Sign Language

* 9. If you have used an Apple product (iPad, iPod, iPhone) which communication programs have you used? (Choose as many as apply)

* 10. When was the last time you received instruction or training on augmentative and alternative communication devices or techniques?

* 11. How much of an impact do you think augmentative communication devices and methods could make in improving your non-verbal and partially verbal students/clients to communicate?

* 12. Who do you think the main person is responsible for augmentative communication device assessment and intervention?

* 13. What evaluation or testing tools to you use to gauge functional level of communication and do you feel that they are adequate? (Skip if not applicable)

* 14. Is this an area where you would like additional training/resources?

* 15. Are you interested in attending one of our upcoming workshops:

* 16. What do you think are some of the barriers for more individuals to have access to AAC information and resources?

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