Thank you for your interest in the Flagstaff Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (the CAAP).The City of Flagstaff is forming a Steering Committee to guide and develop the CAAP. The Plan will:
  • Provide a phased approach toward greenhouse gas reduction goals
  • Be bold, transformative, and aspirational
  • Draw on and complement Flagstaff’s unique economy, indigenous and scientific communities, and climate
  • Have broad community input
  • Be developed from a foundation of equity and enhancing community well-being
  • Encourage action by the City, businesses, institutions, non-profits and residents

The Steering Committee will begin meeting regularly starting in July 2017 through July 2018. Committee responsibilities include the following:
  • Inform the development of the Plan's public engagement process
  • Develop the CAAP goals and objectives
  • Review technical and community input into the plan and provide direction to the plan consultants on prioritization
  • Review plan content and provide guidance and feedback
  • Create a forum for robust conversation, debate and decision-making
  • Be an ambassador of the CAAP to the Community
Please fill out this form to indicate your interest to serve on the CAAP Steering Committee.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Niemann at the City of Flagstaff at or 928-213-2150.
I. Tell us about yourself

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II. Expertise & Reach

* 4. If chosen for the Steering Committee would you be representing particular group(s) or organization(s)?

If so, please list those organizations and your involvement in them. This should include your place of employment, if applicable.

* 5. Please briefly tell us about your area(s) of expertise.

* 6. All Committee members will be expected to be involved in raising awareness and promoting the CAAP process, and may be asked to host informational meetings or community workshops.

What groups in Flagstaff can you commit to reaching out to and engaging?

* 7. Why are you interested in being a part of this Committee?

* 8. Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

III. Steering Committee Expectations
The CAAP process will begin to move forward quickly in the summer of 2017. In order to efficiently guide the process and the eventual plan, the Steering Committee must be an engaged, active, and efficient group. Members will be expected to attend Committee meetings, to review materials prior to Committee meetings, and to conduct work outside of Committee meetings to further the CAAP.

Committee meetings will be held on a monthly basis, with additional meetings as needed. Committee members must commit to attending at least 80% of all Committee meetings.

* 9. Please indicate your understanding of these Committee expectations.

The time and dates of Steering Committee meetings will be determined based on member availability.

After Committee selections have been made, City staff will poll committee members on availability. Meetings will take place regularly until at least July 2018. These meetings will be scheduled on a monthly basis, with additional meetings as needed.

* 10. What days work best for you?

  Yes Not Ideal, but I could make it No
Weekday mornings (i.e., 8am-10am)
Weekday mid-day
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Thank you for your interest.
We will be in touch regarding Committee selections by early July.