5 Features Chinese Property Investors Are Looking For

Description: Chinese property investors seek particular real estate features when searching for homes abroad. Learn about them so you can prepare for your next meeting with a Chinese investor.

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While culture is taken into consideration when Chinese Real Estate Investors are searching the real estate market, there are other aspects that are considered. Chinese investors always make sure that their investments are logical. Because of this, there are specific features that are preferred.


Many aspects of location are essential to Chinese investors. Education is an important part of Chinese culture because a good education can lead to a prosperous future [1]. Properties near excellent high schools and universities will increase the interest of Chinese investors. It is important to research education options in the area before pitching the property to a Chinese person.

According to Juwai, a study revealed that schooling was the main reason that Chinese investors viewed property listings in 2016 in large Canadian cities [2].Forty-four percent of Chinese investors were searching for a property in Montreal for the sole reason of schooling opportunities [2]. About 270,000 Chinese students traveled to the United States to study in 2014 [3].


Owning a property is a dream within Chinese culture because it is not common in China. Leases are allowed for a maximum of 70 years, so investing in a permanent property to pass on to children or other family is not possible [2]. That’s why Chinese citizens value the security that is available in property outside of their country. They want to invest in real estate holdings for future generations.


Chinese people enjoy a good bargain, despite the common misconception that they purchase high-end properties. They believe that if they do not bargain for a property, then it is a foolish purchase.

History and Landmarks

Many Chinese people purchase homes in countries outside of their own to serve as second and third homes. They travel to these homes for weeks or months out of the year, and they want to be able to be proud of their home. If they are able to tell acquaintances that they have a home near a popular landmark or a well-known historical site, then that property is a great purchase [3].


Chinese people value honesty and friendliness, so they are often searching for a seller that displays these behaviors. They don’t want to be taken advantage of and charged an unfair amount for a property. Many Chinese investors will still pay a higher price for a property if the seller is honest and makes an effort to understand and connect to the investor [4].

Making an effort can make all the difference

Knowing these and other sought after real estate features will help significantly as you prepare for your next meeting with an interested Chinese investor. Potential investors will appreciate your familiarity with the desired features that they are seeking in a home along with relevant cultural details.






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