* 2. How would you rate the overall construction process?

* 3. Please rate DPW/Contractor's performance in the following areas during the recent roadwork.

  Unacceptable Below Average Average Above Average Excellent
Safety during construction
Traffic movement along roadway during construction
Detours during construction
Property access during construction
Noise during construction
Length of time the road was under construction

* 4. Please rate the following:

  Unacceptable Below Average Average Above Average Excellent
Overall performance during construction
Overall satisfaction level with the results of recent roadwork
Communication and information provided about the project

* 5. Do you feel you were well informed about the project?

* 6. How do you prefer to receive information about the project?

* 7. If you have web access, did you use the Town's website for construction updates?

* 8. What were you most satisfied with in regards to the construction process?

* 9. Did you contact a project representative with a concern or question?