1. Name and Contact Information

* 1.

* 2. Contact information

* 3. Are you

2. Consent In the workshops, participants will be organized into small teams of junior faculty members who will comment on each others' work. By submitting this application, you agree to participate in the workshops by providing comments on others' work. CSWEP plans to conduct an evaluation of the effectiveness of this mentoring program using the information that you supply in this application. Precautions will be taken to avoid the disclosure of personal information in any research report that is generated using these data. Your employer will not have access to the data you provide.

* 4. Do you consent to have the information in this application used in research conducted under CSWEP auspices?

3. Professional Employment

* 5. Have you completed your Ph.D.?

* 6. In what year did you receive or do you expect to receive your Ph.D.:

* 7. Name of Ph.D.institution:

* 8. Name of your current institution of employment:

* 9. Department(s) in which you are appointed:

* 10. What is the highest degree offered by your department?

* 11. Job title:

* 13. In what year did you begin this position?

* 14. Does your current institution consider you to be employed

* 15. What is your tenure status at this institution?

4. Research

* 16. What are your principal areas of research? Please use JEL codes. See link. http://www.aeaweb.org/journal/elclasjn.html

* 17. How many articles have you submitted for publication in refereed journals?

* 18. How many post-dissertation grant proposals have you written?

Does your department or institution have financial resources available to you for:

* 19. Research assistance?

* 20. Summer support?

* 21. Other support?