Cultural awareness Survey

To fully grow a life science business requires entry into foreign markets. Establishing a business on new markets usually requires local business partners and connections, but also at least a basic understanding of the business culture in that market. Underestimating this fact often leads to serious delays and increased costs and in worst case in failure to launch.

There is plenty of information on local business cultures available for many markets from different sources and in different formats. We are currently developing new tools to more efficiently bring this information to you. These tools will be available to you as they get ready.

To create these eLearning tools so that they benefit you the most, we need your input!
This survey aims to understand which markets are most relevant for your business and what your particular preferences are in terms of how to access information, knowledge and skills in most effective and convenient way.

Please spend 10 minutes to fill out this survey to help us develop the most suitable learning tools for you. We will be happy to share the result of this survey with you as well as personally send you links to the tools we develop.

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