* What grade is your child in? (for more than one child, mark all that apply)

* Overall, how satisfied are you with the enrichment opportunities that the PTA partially funds for the students throughout the school year?

PTA funded Enrichment Programs include the following:
  • Garden Lab 
  • Music Education
  • Art Education
  • Physical Education
Click here for a refresher of what our children learned this year via Rotations - The Year in Review

* If we could provide an additional Enrichment Rotation, what would you like it to be? Please list 1-3 options.  Please list the one that you would prefer the most first.

* Overall, how satisfied are you with the PTA communication methods that the PTA provided for the families/students during this school year? 

PTA Communications Methods include the following:

* Please answer the following on PEC communications. Please use the comments box below to suggest improvements or give more detailed feedback.

  Yes No
Do you receive school news via PEC Splash?
Do you read the school news via PEC Splash?
Do you receive information via your room parents or teacher?
Do you use the PEC website?
Do you receive automated phone calls from the Principal via Parent Link?
Do you know about the PEC PTA Facebook Page?
Do you regularly check the PEC PTA  Facebook Page?
Do you know you can subscribe to PEC PTA Twitter?
Do you notice the school marquee located in the front of the school(Vulcan Street?)
Would you like to see a school marquee on Union Street?

* If you felt like you weren’t connected, what would make you personally feel connected? 

Please answer as honestly as possible. Communications are the cornerstone of building an informed school community.  Feel free to make comments in the area provided below.

* This year, a new fundraising strategy was unveiled. The strategy is organized around The 3 Gives (3 "asks" during the school year).  Each Give has a specific funding purpose, group of givers, and lesson learned by participating.

The First Give - Fall Giving Campaign - the Parents/Families Give
Funds Raised - $72,000 ($45,000 goal)
Participation Rate - 77% (100% goal)

Jog A Thon - the Students Give (Funds Raised $42,470 ($50,000 goal))

Nighttime Fundraiser - the Community Gives (Funds Raised - $52,000)

Please provide your comments and feedback on The Three Gives. We are very interested in what worked and what didn't. 

These 3 Gives are the backbone of the donations that are used to fund the school's enrichment programs.  It is critical to make these giving opportunities as robust as possible.