* What is your current university status? (check one)

* For the following statements about Research Day 2009, please indicate the extent of your disagreement/agreement with them:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
Overall the presentations covered some material appropriate for students' level of learning
The keynote speech was interesting and informative
Overall the presenters were enthusiastic and engaged
The presentations were relevant to clinical practice
It was easy to navigate the Research Day flow
In general the research presentations were interesting
In general the research presentations were hard for students to understand
The presenters made connections between their research and clinical practice
The research presenters were knowledgeable and well prepared
By the end of the day, students have learned something worthwhile
My overall evaluation of Research Day was good

* What things do you think worked well that we should continue for Research Day next year?

* What changes would you suggest to make Research Day better?