* 1. If you did not attend, why did you choose not to come?

* 2. Would you be interested in attending future reunions?

* 3. Would you like to see us try to hold the Friday night event at a place like the Raleigh Arboretum, the VFW, Bayer's Outdoor Facility, other location?? (Suggestions of such locations are requested.)

* 4. Other Location Suggestions

* 5. Are you willing to pay an additional amount to offset that expense?

* 6. Would you like us to start the Saturday night cocktail party 2 hours before dinner to give you more time to visit with friends/colleagues?

* 7. What ideas do you have to encourage more people to utilize the Hospitality Suite during the day and after the Friday and Saturday night dinner events?

* 8. Do you have any suggestions as to how we can encourage others whether they are from Union Carbide, Rhone Poulenc, Agrevo, Bayer or Amchem to attend our Craggie Events.