1. 2011 Truefood Guide company survey

2011 Truefood Guide Company Survey

Greenpeace Australia Pacific is currently compiling the 8th Truefood Guide, a popular consumer tool enabling shoppers to choose products free of genetic engineering (GE). 2.8 million copies of the Truefood guide have so far been distributed, our online Truefood network is climbing toward 50, 000 members, and last year we introduced a Truefood iPhone app which has been highly successful. A comprehensive guide is also available on our website at www.truefood.org.au.

Australian consumers do not want to buy GE food. A recent Newspoll showed an unequivocal majority of Australians would be less likely to buy GE food if it was labelled, and 90% of respondents believe it should be. Shoppers are especially conscientious when it comes to buying for their kids.

That’s why this year Greenpeace will be targeting groceries aimed at, or popular with, children and the mums and dads who buy on their behalf. The potential health risks that GE represents are especially concerning when it comes to kids, so mums and dads are increasingly exercising their right to choose.

A growing majority of the Australian Food and Beverage industry has adopted non-GE policies that ensure a non-GE supply-chain and a valuable non-GE reputation for their brand. Most have done so as a component of their sustainability and nutritional charters, information Australian shoppers are increasingly focussed on.

We would like to invite your company to adopt a non-GE policy (or tell us about the one you’ve already got) so your customers can buy with confidence and your company can enjoy the benefits of a GREEN, non-GE rating in the 2011 Kids-focussed Greenpeace Truefood Guide.

The guide will be launched during February, 2011, at a presentation hosted by special guests, including celebrity members of our Chef’s Charter.

The deadline for submissions and surveys is November 12th, 2010.

Guidelines for Companies

Your company’s rating in the 2011 Truefood guide will be determined by your response to the following survey and the provision of a written copy of your non-GE supply-chain policy.

Please forward a copy of your company’s non-GE policy together with confirmation that the survey has been completed to:


Attn: Nathaniel Pelle
Truefood Guide
Greenpeace Australia Pacific
33 Mountain St
Ultimo, NSW, 2007

Here’s how we rate companies:

GREEN: Companies that have removed GE crop-derived ingredients from their entire supply chain, including processed ingredients (such as oils and lecithin) and animal products from animals fed GE stock feed.
Note: We do not rate for processing aids and yeasts that are produced in a laboratory setting rather than the open environment.

RED: Companies that have products do or may contain GE crop-derived ingredients.

This includes companies that either:

· Use products that contain GE-derived ingredients, and/or;
· Have no adequate policy on GE ingredients or have not provided a copy to Greenpeace, and/or;
· Have not completed the Truefood company survey.

Please note: compliance with FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand) requirements for GE labelling is not sufficient to earn a GREEN rating. FSANZ’s guidelines are inadequate for the identification of GM-derived ingredients as they only require companies to label for unprocessed GM ingredients. The Truefood guide GREEN rating requires the exclusion of ingredients derived from a GE source, such as oils and animal products from animals fed GE stock.

For clarification or assistance please contact Truefood Guide coordinator, Nathaniel Pelle at truefood@greenpeace.org or on (02) 9263 0395

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* 1. Name of Company

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* 2. Name of contact person

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* 3. Position in company

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* 4. Contact phone number

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* 5. Contact email

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* 6. Company Address

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* 7. Which of these best describes your company?

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* 8. Does your company have a GE policy that covers the exclusion of ingredients derived from a genetically engineered crop source (including oils, sugars, and lecithins)?
N.B. laboratory manufactured processing aids and yeasts are not included in our rating system.

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* 9. Does your company's GE policy cover the exclusion of animal products from animals fed GE stockfeed?

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* 10. Have you submitted a copy of your GE policy to Greenpeace?

Email: truefood@au.greenpeace.org
Post: Truefood Guide
Greenpeace Australia Pacific
33 Mountain St,
Ultimo, NSW, 2007

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* 11. Are all your company's brands covered by your non-GE policy?

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* 12. To assist with publication, please list all brands covered by your GE policy for listing in the 2011 Truefood Guide.

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* 13. Have you notified your suppliers about your non-GE policy and the need to ensure exclusion of ingredients derived from a genetically engineered source?

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* 14. Do any of your products contain ingredients derived from GE crops?

  Yes No
Ingredients derived from GE canola
Canola oil from GE canola
Ingredients derived from GE soy
Ingredients derived from GE maize
Oil derived from GE cotton seed
Animal products from animals fed GE feed
Dairy products from animals fed GE feed

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* 15. Do you currently label any of your products to disclose their GE or GE-free status? For example: