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* 1. What person (living or deceased) would you like to nominate to the Appalachian Trail Museum Hall of Fame?

To help you decide, here are the Criteria developed by the A.T. Museum Hall of Fame Committee: "Criteria - Those eligible for inclusion include anyone who has made an exceptional and positive contribution to the Appalachian Trail or Appalachian Trail Community. This could be by leadership, inspiration, service, achievement or innovation. This includes, without limitation, pioneers who conceived of and developed the trail; those who organized or directed major trail organizations like ATC and the A.T. maintaining clubs; longtime trail maintainers; leaders who promoted and protected the A.T.; hikers who have made significant accomplishments, and other persons who have enriched the culture or community of the A.T. by their association with it."

Please nominate only ONE person.

To further assist you in deciding, here are the members of the first nine classes of the Hall of Fame: Myron Avery, Gene Espy, Ed Garvey, Benton MacKaye, Arthur Perkins, Earl Shaffer, Emma “Grandma” Gatewood, David A Richie, J. Frank Schairer, Jean Stephenson, William Adams Welch, Ruth Blackburn, David Field, David Sherman, David Startzell, Eddie Stone, A. Rufus Morgan, Chuck Rinaldi, Clarence S. Stein, Pam Underhill, Ned Anderson, Margaret Drummond, Stan Murray, Raymond H. Torrey, Maurice Forrester, Horace Kephart, Larry Luxenberg, Arch Nichols, Harlean James, Charles Parry, Mildred Norman Ryder, Tillie Wood, William Kemsley, Jr., Elizabeth Levers, George Masa, Bob Peoples, Jean Cashin, Paul Fink, Don King, Bob Proudman, Chris Brunton, Warren Doyle, Thurston Griggs and Jim Stoltz. You should NOT vote for any of these, since they are already members of the Hall of Fame.

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* 2. Please briefly provide your reasons for nominating this person. Limit your response to 200 words or less.