This survey allows Team Compost from the North Lake Tahoe-Truckee Leadership Program to gather information on whether Truckee residents have an interest in a food waste recycling program.

We hope to develop a plan for a program outlining a residential food waste recycling program in Truckee that hosts a centralized drop-off location in town where the community can deposit their home food waste. The food waste will be collected on a weekly basis by the Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal company.

Food Waste Recycling leads to very important benefits for our environment. First, it prevents food waste from going into our landfills which helps significantly reduce methane emissions into the atmosphere and the need for chemical fertilizers. Additionally, with new food waste technological advances,  food waste can be used to produce energy such as jet fuel, helping reduce 80 percent of carbon emissions than that of conventional petroleum fuel creates.    

Food waste (coffee grounds, veggie peels, eggshells, stale bread, etc.)  + Composting  =  New Soil

Sending our food waste to a composting facility is becoming more widely available.

Similar to separating recyclables into blue bags (paper/plastic/glass), separated food waste can be collected and processed by the local garbage company. For the purposes of this survey, keep in mind our program would require residents to drop off their waste at a location in Truckee.

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* 1. How familiar are you with food waste recycling or composting?

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* 2. The benefits of food waste recycling are important to me.

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* 3. If given instructions on what can be composted, how likely are you to separate your food waste from the rest of your garbage and recyclables

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* 4. Would you be willing to pay a less than $10 monthly to participate in the Truckee Food Waste Recycling program?

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* 5. What are your concerns about a Truckee Food Waste Recycling Program? (Check choices that apply to you.)

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* 6. What location would be the most convenient for you to drop off your food waste? (Check choices that apply to you)

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