A Survey on Data Management Practices Among Monash University Malaysia Researchers and Academics


Research data management (RDM) is becoming increasingly important to researchers in all fields, more so in a University environment.  Research data covers a broad range of types of information and comes in print, digital and physical formats. Digital data can be structured and stored in a variety of file formats. Properly managed data and records does not necessarily equate sharing or publishing that data. While research artefacts and evidence can include physical objects (specimens etc.), this survey is designed to shed light and determine the management of digitally stored research data on the Monash Malaysia campus.

The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback on awareness of research data planning, and available solutions, current practices and to identify needs regarding research data management.

This survey consists of 19 questions.  Your participation in the survey will inform us about your research data and support needs and will provide opportunities for planning and future collaboration.  

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