We have a $175 - 90 minute opinion study taking place on 4/24 or 4/25.  This study will be conducted via WEBEX on your smartphone and you must be willing to download an app and do the study remotely this way.  You also need to have a HOME Computer or Laptop (or access to one daytime) that has a webcam.  Please note - tablets & Chromebooks can not be substituted here.  We will be using the smartphone & computer in conjunction together during the study.  Pay is $175 for 90 minutes.

* 1. Are you willing to conduct the study via your smartphone & download an app?

* 2. Do you have a computer or laptop with a webcam?

* 3. Contact Info

* 4. Sometimes we are looking for participants with knowledge of particular industries. Other times, we want to avoid certain industry-knowledge. Do you, or does any member of your immediate family, work currently/in the past, in any of the following industries? SELECT ALL THAT APPLY

* 5. When was the last time you participated in a market research study?

* 6. Employment Status

* 7. What is your current or previous