Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you have participated in any projects/activities held or funded by the Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council, we want to hear from you.

This Customer Satisfaction Survey will help the Council to determine the impact of Council funded projects/activities on the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and their family members. The questions are mandated by the federal Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and the results will be reported in the Council's Annual Report. Any questions about this survey can be directed to Thank you!

* 1. Name of Council Project/Activity. The exact name is not needed. Enter any information that describes the event.

* 3. Location: Enter the location where you participated in the project/activity.

* 4. Please mark one box. I am:

* 5. I (or my family member) was treated with respect during this project/activity.

* 6. I (or my family member) have more choice and control as a result of this project/activity.

* 7. I (or my family member) can do more things in my community as a result of this project/activity.

* 8. Overall I am (or my family member is) satisfied with this project/activity.

* 9. Overall my life is better because of this project/activity.

* 10. I (or my family member) better know(s) my rights because of this project/activity.

* 11. I am (or my family member is) more able to be safe and able to protect myself (or themself) from harm as a result of this project/activity.

* 12. Please include any comments here (not required).