* 1. Which of the following policies do you think large (>$1M revenue, receiving annual audits) local governments should have in writing?

* 2. Which of the following policies do you think all local governments should have in writing?

* 3. To what extent do you think the OSA should recommend or require local government entities to have a separate audit committee?

* 4. What level of skills, knowledge and experience possessed by a local government Finance Director/CFO would most likely prevent or detect fraud?
Rank the following in order of greatest to lease impact.

* 5. Rate each of the following conditions or controls and their likely positive impact on fraud prevention or detection.

  No impact Little impact Moderate impact Significant impact
Formal Audit Committee
Internal Audit Function
CFO with high level of knowledge, skills and experience in government accounting or auditing
Board members who have completed the OSA online training for their entity type
Independent Auditor is rotated at least every 7 years
Audit committee with a financial expert
CFO and staff have completed OSA online training for their position (contents not currently developed, but will be basic financial concepts and compliance requirements).
At least one member of the financial staff receive a minimum of 40 hours of annual continuing education in government accounting and auditing.
Entity is current on all financial reporting requirements (OSA, Transparency, Deposit and Investment to Money Management)
Visible fraud / abuse hotline
Written annual ethical behavior pledge by officers and employees

* 6. Which statement best represents your thoughts on local governments use of a fraud/abuse hotline?