Making Waves Opinion Survey:
Creating Financial Stability, Defining Our Community

Hello Making Waves Community!

The Coordinating Committee needs your input about Making Waves (the fat swim).  We are looking at two main topics: creating financial stability and getting input about how we define the fat swim community (who comes).  Please help us by sharing your opinions to this brief survey.  We will get your responses as aggregate data only- no one's name is linked to their answers.  We will report out on your responses and move forward on some ideas in the coming year.

Please complete the survey by Friday July 29. 

Thank you for your input. Long live Making Waves!
Your Organizing Committee: Judith, Lin, Lynn Ellen, Christine.


In the last year or so Making Waves attendance is down, and we generally don’t make enough in donations at each swim to cover the $165 per swim cost (rental and insurance costs).  We want to  brainstorm ways to raise funds to keep the swim going.  In the past a call for donations has gone out periodically through emails and verbal announcements. Right now we are OK because people gave so generously this last time.

The cost per swim is on a sliding scale, starting at $6.50 and going up.  Many donate $10.  Our attendance is rarely more than 16, and often less than 12.

Please let us know your opinions on some of the options we’ve thought about to keep the swim going financially.

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* 1. Please check as many of the fundraising ideas as you like.

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* 2. Which of these activities would you be willing to work on?  Please put your name & contact information in the box at the bottom of the question.

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* 3. Currently, Making Waves is open to all self-identified fat women.  We are curious to learn if you would like to open the swim up to fat people of all genders. 

Would you like to change Making Waves intended participants to fat people of all genders?

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* 4. If Making Waves were to be open to participants of all genders, how might that change your participation?

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* 5. What other ideas/advice/comments do you have for the Making Waves Coordinating Committee?