The Hiawatha CARE Project team has talked to hundreds of people in East Phillips and Longfellow about the environmental and health issues facing the communities. From these discussions, the project team has come up with 14 ACTIONS that we could take as a community to improve our environment and health.

Please take this survey to let us know your thoughts on what we can do as community to improve our health and environment in the future.

1. Do you currently live, work, worship, or shop/play in the following neighborhoods? (Please mark all that apply)

  Live Work Worship Shop/Play
East Phillips

2. Look at the 14 ACTIONS below and tell us which ones should be the communities’ highest priority to help improve our health and the environment.
Rate each ACTION in terms of whether you think it should be a "very low," "low," "medium," "high," or "very high" priority for the community.

  Very Low Priority Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority Very High Priority
1. Encourage people and businesses to buy locally.
2. Encourage yard-care practices that minimize pesticides and reduce environmental impacts.
3. Improve access to healthy, affordable food through gardens, farmers markets, and urban farms.
4. Make it safer and easier to walk and bike to places in the neighborhood.
5. Plant more trees.
6. Reduce air pollution from cars and trucks, lawnmowers, wood fires, etc.
7. Reduce chemical use in homes and businesses and cut down on improper disposal of hazardous waste.
8. Reduce children’s exposure to secondhand smoke.
9. Reduce stormwater runoff to rivers, lakes, and streams.
10. Support community efforts to promote good nutrition and healthy food.
11. Support partnerships to improve jobs skills, train workers, and create learning opportunities for all.
12. Support efforts to reduce asthma triggers in the home.
13. Support local food production to grow the local economy.
14. Work with business and industry to reduce local air pollutants.

3. And which two ACTIONS from above do you think are most important? Please write in the number and tell us why.

4. What is your home address or nearest intersection?
(for example: 47xx Dight Avenue - or - 39th Ave & 44th St)

5. Contact information (if you would like to be involved in this project):