* 1. What is the difference between a project and a program?

* 2. The phases of project management according to the presenters, in order, are:

* 3. In reflecting on the phases of project management, which is (in your opinion):
- the most critical? Please provide reasoning for your selection.
- the most difficult? Please provide reasoning for your selection.

* 4. What is the purpose of a stoplight report?

* 5. Name 2 project management tools you learned about from this workshop and describe in what ways you may be able to apply them to your current and/or future practice.

* 6. What is your biggest "takeaway" from this training? Anything you were surprised to learn?

* 7. Thank you for completing this quiz.

Once your results are processed, successful candidates will receive a CEU certificate indicating completion of this online 1.5 social work contact hour workshop (please allow up to 2 weeks). Individuals other than licensed social workers who successfully complete this online webinar will receive a certificate of completion.  If you have any questions you may email Lana Cook of the USC College of Social Work Field Education Office at LanaC@mailbox.sc.edu. Thank you and we hope you found this beneficial to your work.