* 1. Please list your name, high school and what college you will attend in the fall.

* 2. What is your intended college major career goal? If you are undecided, what are you interested in studying?

* 3. Why did you select that career?

* 4. How has your LEAF Advisor helped you this year?

* 5. Complete the following: If my high school didn't have a LEAF Advisor...

* 6. How has LEAF influenced your opinions about how to accomplish your educational goals?

* 7. What should younger high school students know about LEAF?

* 8. Every year generous donors give money to LEAF to provide services and scholarships. What would you say to a donor who wanted to know if they should donate to LEAF again?

* 9. Is there anything else you would like to say about your experience with LEAF this year?