Polaris Safe Environment Survey

Dear Families, 

It is my duty to ensure the safety of your children while they are here, and it is one I take very seriously. Along with that duty is the responsibility of ensuring that the parents of our students are able to carry on their days confident that students are receiving the very best care.  I am fortunate to collaborate in this duty with our parent safety committee. Thank you for assisting us by providing your perceptions on this survey.

Anne Sterrett, Principal

* 1. Please respond to the statements below by marking one column per statement.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
Our school is overall a safe place.
I feel comfortable leaving my child at school. 
My child is safe on the playground during the school day.
The playground is sufficiently secure during school hours.
The playground equipment is safe and in good condition.
Morning drop off procedures are satisfactory.
After school pick up procedures are satisfactory.
After school enrichment activity pick up is satisfactory.
The school building is sufficiently secure during the school day. 
The school building is sufficiently secure during after school activities.
Visitors are welcomed and appropriately screened.

* 2. Comments about after school pick up:

* 3. Comments about playground:

* 4. Comments about visitor check in:

* 5. Comments about morning drop off:

* 6. Comments about building security: