Purpose of the survey

It is the responsibility of the Board of Selectmen, the School Committee and the Planning Board to develop a vision of Lexington's future that can guide decision-making. The 20/20 Committee has been asked to conduct a survey of residents  similar to the survey conducted by the Committee in 2012. Findings from that survey proved very useful to decision-makers in identifying areas of interest to residents and assuring that Town government reflects our shared vision.

We again need your help in informing Town leaders of community perspectives and aspects of our Town that are of greatest interest and concern. We ask that you complete the following survey. It should take approximately 20 minutes. We thank you, in advance, for sharing your time with us.

Please be assured that your responses will be anonymous and confidential. Findings will be presented in terms of aggregated data, not individual responses.

Thank you for your time and thoughtful responses, and for supporting Lexington!