Carbon Arc Cinema and Animation with Love 2017 Survey

Carbon Arc Cinema is involved in research to determine the feasibility of more frequent Carbon Arc programming and new directions for the Animation with Love Festival. The survey will take between five and fifteen minutes, depending on the length of your answers. We appreciate your time, and look forward to seeing you at the theatre!

* 1. How often do you attend a Carbon Arc screening?

* 2. Describe what works about the Carbon Arc screenings.

* 3. Carbon Arc is involved in discussions with the Culture Link project (located in the old World Trade and Convention Centre in downtown Halifax), exploring the possibility of building a full time cinema. If this should come to pass (either there or elsewhere), please prioritize the importance of the following elements:

* 4. Carbon Arc volunteer programmers and audience input has provided us with a lot of information about what people would like to see, if CA could expand. Please describe your preferred programming directions.

* 5. Have you attended the Animation with Love Festival?

* 6. Any other comments?