Church wide survey

Thrive has a small group of leaders and a board who are keen to hear from you and understand the thoughts of our community at large. The information coming out of it will be useful to the Thrive community to understand the similar and different views and preferences across the church as we start a new season. We may not be able to respond directly to everything shared, but it will help shape how we move forward in the coming season.

* 1. Why do you come to Thrive church (as opposed to another)?

* 2. How important are the following things to you:

  1 - not important 2 3 4 5 - very important
A great kids ministry
A great youth ministry
Deliberate times to connect with others
Being active in local impact & advocacy
Overseas work (i.e. Love Mercy, Indo Lifewords)
Hearing testimonies/ people's stories
A known team of key leaders
A single, identifiable pastor
Midweek connect groups

* 3. We're keen to hear your thoughts on church services:

  1 - strongly disagree 2 4 5 - strongly agree
I like a predictable routine, knowing we'll get x number of songs, x sermon, x persons
I'd like services to be shorter, punchier, say 1hr
It is valuable to have special stage settings, lights, production
I'd value more connection time in service
Do you want the teaching to be deeper, longer, thorough?
I'd prefer longer singing, worship times
How much did you enjoy the Elephant in the Room series?

* 4. Do you serve in an area of church? (There will be other areas - please add!)

* 5. Apart from the Sunday services, what Thrive initiatives would you like to be part of?

* 6. What frustrates/disappoints you about Thrive?

* 7. Do you think you'll stay part of the Thrive community in the coming months, as we work through the next season?

* 8. If you could engage in anything at all, how would you want to contribute and use your gifts/strengths to be a blessing?

* 9. Whose external ministry have you enjoyed and would like to engage more at Thrive? (leave blank if you don't know them/weren't there)

  1 - Not at all 2 3 4 5 - Excellent, want more
Andrew Ball & others from Fresh Hope team
Mark Scandrette (Praxis, 9Beats, Families series)
Barry Chant (Principal from Tabor College)
Andy Stanley (or other) video series
Jarrad McKenna - Love makes a way
Julius Achon & Love Mercy
Gunar Sahari (Indonesia, Lifewords)
Melinda Tankard-Reist (women/children advocate)
Craig Gross (TripleX Church)

* 10. Your Details (optional, but helpful)