Hazard Risk Identification

Henderson County, TX is updating its current Hazard Mitigation Action Plan.  A full copy of the Hazard Mitigation Action Plan is located in the Henderson County Clerk's office, 125 N. Prairieville, Athens, TX.  The Local Emergency Planning Committee needs your input identifying hazards in our County and possible ways to mitigate those hazards.  Please help by completing the brief survey below.

* 1. In which ZIP code is your home or property located in Henderson County, TX?  Five digit zip code, please.

* 2. Which hazards concern you the most?

* 3. Do you have hazard insurance to protect life, property, or animals?

* 4. Have you experienced injury or financial loss from a natural or manmade hazard or disaster that was not covered, paid, or reimbursed by insurance?

* 5. Are you familiar with local and county telephone/cell warning notification systems, such as First Call or Code Red?

* 6. Would you voluntarily evacuate during a locally, state, or federally declared natural or manmade disaster?

* 7. If you evacuate from your residence during a declared disaster, would you:

* 8. Do you have a "ready to go" packet, containing important information, documents, medications, or other supplies?

* 9. If  a mass casualty/property damage disaster occurred in Henderson County, TX, on what resources would you depend the most?