A.I.M. International Readers’ Poll 2017 (Nominations)

A.I.M. International Readers’ Poll gives you a voice in recognizing outstanding contributors to our industry. You may nominate candidates in one or several categories. Please provide a brief statement of why you believe the candidate deserves recognition and include an email contact for possible follow-up information. Contact information will stay confidential to Algae Industry Magazine.

If you are interrupted, you may log off and return where you left off. Nominations will be open for only two weeks, so please send in your nominations ASAP. When you are done, click submit.

What is new for 2017?
·       We have several new award categories.
·       Results are framed from AIM Reader’s insights.
·       2015 Awardees are not eligible in the same category unless a major change occurred.

Questions? Contact Mark Edwards at drmetrics@gmail.com

* 1. Political event or action that impacted our industry 

* 2. Culinary innovation, chef, recipe or restaurant

* 3. Algae photograph, art or video

* 4. Algae educational institution

* 5. Scientist or researcher

* 6. Algae laboratory

* 7. Algae business

* 8. Algae cultivation facility

* 9. Algae microfarm - small cultivation facility

* 10. Health, nutrition or medicine (person or company)

* 11. Food, feed and nutrients (person or company)

* 12. Environmental solution, e.g. CO2 reuse, wastewater

* 13. Technology breakthrough (person or company)

* 14. Laboratory equipment 

* 15. Cultivation equipment

* 16. Harvesting equipment

* 17. Algae Ambassador

* 18. Save our World Application

* 19. Other. What do you recommend?

* 20. Questions or improvement suggestions?
Please leave a note here or contact Mark Edwards at drmetrics@gmail.com.

* 21. Nominator: name, company and email.