Thank you for taking part in the Children's Water Festival. We hope you had a great time! Please take a few moments to answer some questions about your experience at the event. Feedback from our volunteers helps to improve the festival each year.

Thanks again!!

* 1. Name (optional)

* 2. Please rate the following aspects of the festival.

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Communication with organizers
Organization of the event
The children's involvement
Your time at the festival
Overall impression

* 3. If we were to attempt to seek feedback from the students, what sort of questions would you suggest?

* 4. Regarding lunch: Do you like the options that we offer? If not, what do you suggest we offer? Could you suggest a caterer?

* 5. Do you like the t-shirts we provide each year? Would you prefer short or long sleeve shirts?

* 6. Do you have any suggestions for any organizations that may be interested in presenting next year? Any organizations that may be interested in donating goods or services to the event?

* 7. Would you volunteeer again? Why or why not? Would you recommend others to volunteer?

* 8. Additional comments/suggestions.