We are seeking your input on the arts, culture and creativity sector in South Australia, and how the sector can best be cultivated and supported into the future.
South Australia is home to outstanding artists, organisations and festivals. Many South Australians recognise that arts and creativity are integral to the very DNA of South Australia. Yet, much about the arts and cultural sectors is changing. New technologies, ways of working and audience expectations mean that for the sector to thrive, a new approach and direction are needed.   
The South Australian government recognises this. It has committed to developing and implementing a new Arts Plan, the first to be designed since 2000.
We need your help! We want as many South Australians as possible, from all parts of the community, to give input to the Arts Plan. Everyone’s opinions, ideas and experiences are important to us.
The 3-month consultation for the Arts plan will be extensive – through this survey, submissions, interviews and Town Hall meetings across the state – and we want to gather as much input as possible from artists and arts organisations and the general public.
The survey should take you no more than 11 minutes to complete. Thank you for completing the survey and being part of the future of the arts and creativity in South Australia.  

Tony Grybowski and Graeme Gherashe
Lead Consultants