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While food loss and waste are major sources of environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, the issue remains under-researched in Kosovo. There is little awareness about its scope of impact. Between 2% and 20% of food served is left on the plates due to various causes such as the lack of effective monitoring of the raw materials in storage, challenges in predicting the number of guests, large menus and portion sizes, expired food and sub-optimal ordering. 

UNDP Kosovo & ICK are piloting the #FoodWasteChallenge to tackle the problem of food waste in the gastronomy sector in Kosovo. Ten gastronomy businesses will be selected to go on a 3-week journey of food waste management. They will be provided with a Starting Kit, enabling them to find out how much of food is wasted per guest on a daily basis. The data collected by the restaurants, bars and cafes, will be the first data of its kind to inform economic and environmentally-friendly policies. Furthermore, this initiative could create the basis for Kosovo to become one of the signatories of the Milan Urban Policy Pact, focusing on policies favouring the reduction of surpluses and losses along the entire food chain.

If you want to partake in this year’s Food Waste Challenge, please tell us more about your business and the importance of tackling the food waste problem in the gastronomy sector in Kosovo.

Send your responses through this form by latest 21 June 2021!

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