1. SFL User Feedback

We’re always looking for ways to improve Sprint Family Locator, and one of the best ways for us to do so is to listen to what our users have to say. We have two simple questions for you that will help us better understand how you use our product, and in turn will help us make SFL better for you!

All of your answers are completely anonymous and will not be used for anything other than design research for Sprint Family Locator.

Thanks for your time!

Product Designer for Sprint Family Locator

* 1. What do you commonly use Sprint Family Locator to do? (Example – “I check to make sure that my son makes it to school and back home each day”.)

* 2. How do you commonly use Sprint Family Locator? (Example – “I primarily rely on notifications from Schedule Checks that I have set up” – or – “I perform individual locates from my mobile phone when I am at work”.)