VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Pup 49's new name will be announced on Tuesday, April 23.

Pup 49 is a female harbor seal that was admitted to Mystic Aquarium's Seal Rescue Clinic on July 16, 2012. Known as Pup 49 because of her rehabilitation identification number, she had a life-threatening infection in her rear, left flipper that required amputation. The surgery was successful and she has recovered beautifully, but she was deemed non-releaseable by NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service because she is a weaker, less agile swimmer.

Mystic Aquarium was granted permission to permanently care for Pup 49 and now we need your help giving her a name! The names below, all names of harbors, were selected by Mystic Aquarium volunteers who cared for Pup 49 during her rehabilitation.

* Voting is now closed!