Village of Orland Park Seeks Residents’ Feedback.

The Museum Development and Advisory Board was established in 2015.

The advisory board shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Board of Trustees.  The appointments will be made on the basis of areas of interest or expertise.  Each Advisory Board member need not be a resident of the Village and serve a two (2) year terms and until their respective successors have been appointed.

Duties: To act as an advisory board to the Board of Trustees.  Review, evaluate and identify present and future activities to acquire, preserve and exhibit materials of historical significance to the community, and to report annually to the village, in writing, giving a comprehensive and current review of Orland Park historical establishment and preservation activities.  Review and evaluate present and future availability of real and personal property of historical significance.  Recommend amendments to the Village Code and/or Land Development Code so as to eliminate unnecessary impediments to the establishment, operation and maintenance of an Orland Park Museum and the preservation and exhibition of historical buildings and artifacts. Conduct public information programs on museum activities and collections and opportunities for members of the community to donate historical property, photographs, objects and materials. 

The Museum Board meets at the call of its chair, but not less frequently than once every quarter.

•Encourage coordination with other commissions because of the interrelation of objectives.
The village is inviting residents to offer input on the 17 advisory boards and commissions currently part of local government.

We appreciate your participation.

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