RI POLICY in the Basic Education Program, Career and Technical Education and Secondary Regulations

As a Professional School Counselor, I

* 1. Play an integral role in the personalization efforts of my school.

* 2. Provide students with multiple opportunities to ensure their progress toward meeting their post-secondary academic and career goals through my school's Comprehensive School Counseling Program.

* 3. Contribute to the school's Advisory Program.

* 4. Participate with other professionals during Common Planning Time.

* 5. Help students develop career plans.

* 6. Help ensure that transitional needs of students are clearly identified and addressed.

* 7. Collaborate with other responsible adults regarding students' academic, career and personal/social goals.

* 8. Collaborate with others on the implementation of Individual Learning Plans.

* 9. Implement a Comprehensive School Counseling Program in accordance with the RI Framework for Comprehensive K-12 School Counseling Programs.

* 10. Collaborate with other educational staff to provide developmentally appropriate services to students.

* 11. Utilize developmentally appropriate, planned activities to teach students about prevention of bullying, harassment, hazing, teen dating violence and sexual violence as required in the BEP.

* 12. Support school-wide efforts to promote a positive school climate with emphasis on mutual respect, common good, attendance, order and organization, and proper seccurity through my school's Comprehensive School Counseling Program.