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The Northern Maine Development Commission is preparing to develop Small Business Training Programs for 2011. Please help us select topics that will be useful to you and your business by completing this shory survey

* 1. Please rate the following topics in order of preference.

  Definently would attend Probably would attend Maybe, Maybe not Definently not
The loan proposal, what is a lender looking for.
Is Your small business making the grade a simple guide to financial management.
Buying & Selling a Business.
Using the the tools of Google to help manage your business.
Customer Service in the small business environment.
So you want to start a small business, which one is right for you.
A Small Business Marketing Plan.
Managing Cash , a small business owners guide to financial control.

* 2. Where are you located in Northern Maine

* 3. All Training programs will be approximately two hours. Please rate the time od day that works best for you.

  Best Time Not a bad time would attend It would be hard but might attend No way, could not attend
Early Morning(7-9 AM)
Mid-Morning (9-11 AM)
Early Afternoon(1-3PM)
Late Afternoon93-5 PM)
Early Evening(6-8 PM)