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* 2. Town you reside in:

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* 6. Rank issues according to how much time the Vermont Legislature should spend on them in the January - May 2018 Session with 1 being the most time.  Please identify "other" issues you'd like time spent on.  You aren't required to rank all options, but are welcome to do so.

* 7. Would you support a .05% increase in the Vermont Universal Service Fee paid on telephone bills to increase public dollars available to build last mile internet service?  This would be an approximately $0.50 additional monthly charge on a $100 landline bill.

* 8. Would you support a Vermont only ban on bump stocks?  
The bump stock is not banned under federal law. It allows a weapon to fire at nearly the rate of a machine gun without technically converting it to a fully automatic firearm. It is illegal for private citizens to possess fully automatic firearms manufactured after May 19, 1986; ownership of earlier models requires a federal license.

* 9. Many groups are advocating for increased state support for child care and post secondary education.  Would you be in favor of paying increased education property taxes to support high quality childcare or increased funding to in state college and post secondary training programs?

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