Hello, friends! The Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2012. We have put together a special page on our website to celebrate and share our stories and memories. We would love to have you participate! We never trade or sell information about our supporters, so your information is safe with us.

* 1. Full Name:

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* 3. Email Address:

* 4. How many years have you been involved with NCAP?

* 5. How are you/have you been involved with NCAP? (Check all that apply)

* 6. How has being involved with NCAP impacted your personal and/or professional life?

* 7. Tell us about some of your favorite memories, experiences, or stories from working with us over the last 35 years.

* 8. NCAP may use your comments on our website and/or in marketing materials. Are you comfortable allowing this information to be made public?

We are also collecting photos for the website! If you have photos from NCAP’s past that you are willing to share, please contact jvincent@pesticide.org.

Thank you for your participation and happy anniversary!

The Board and Staff of The Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides