1. Review of 2009-2010 Fairfield/Westchester LIVESTRONG Events

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We would greatly appreciate your feedback on events we hosted in 2009-2010 as we plan our 2010-2011 calendar.

Thank you!

(A reminder: This is feedback on events sponsored by local LIVESTRONG Leader and Grassroots fundraisers benefiting LIVESTRONG, not by the Lance Armstrong Foundation itself.)

* 1. I would be interested in attending the following events: (Select all that apply)

* 2. I would be interested in hosting/helping to organize one of the following events: (Select all that apply)

* 3. I attended one or more of the 2009-2010 Fairfield/Westchester Benefiting LIVESTRONG Events

* 4. Which events did you attend?

* 5. If you did not attend any events in 2009-2010, why not? And what can we do to encourage you to attend an event in 2010-2011?

* 6. Is there any event that you do not see listed that you would like to see happen in 2011? If so, please describe it and let us know if you'd be willing to host it.