* 1. Have you attended a RI ACP meeting in the past 3 years?

* 2. If you did not attend a meeting over the last three years, why not?

* 3. If you were to attend the next RI ACP Chapter meeting next spring, what you be most interested in getting out of the meeting?

* 4. How likely is it that you will attend the Rhode Island Chapter of the ACP Scientific meeting in the next three years?

* 5. Please rate your interest in these topics offered at RI ACP Chapter meetings over the past 3 years:

  very interested quite interested moderately interested not at all interested
The National Experience of the Affordable Care Act
Opioid Workshop
Anticoagulant use, novel anticoagulants
The Annual Exam, what's the evidence?
Vitamin D minisymposium
Women's Health Update
Food borne illnesses
Dietary and Nutritional Approaches to Diabetes Care

* 6. What topics would be of interest to you as we plan for the 2015 RI ACP Chapter Scientific meeting?

* 7. Does the availability of Maintenance of Certification (MOC) make it more likely that you will attend a meeting?

* 8. How do you currently get your MOC points or CME credits?

* 9. Please supply any other comments you think might be helpful regarding the Chapter Scientific meeting.

* 10. Our program committee has been highly efficient and effective in putting together educational content, and is always looking for others to help out. Would you be willing to help?