FE Tech Products - Best Practice Survey

Each week on Twitter Ed Chats educators share the tech products that they find so invaluable that they rave about them with colleagues. Some products have been adapted very quickly through word of mouth recommendation.

As a follow up to our Technology in FE report "Developing Relationships & Delivering Value" we are keen to hear about any best practice that exists in FE. We would appreciate it if you could take a moment to answer the questions below.

* 1. How many technology products is you and/or your department involved with assessing/commissioning each year?

* 2. What percentage of EdTech products/services that you or your department have commissioned recently would you recommended to colleagues in other departments/colleges?

* 3. Which products or services that you use that you would recommend to colleagues? Please list as many products or suppliers as you like.

* 4. What, in your opinion, makes these products/services so great that you would recommend them to other people? (i.e. Functionality, user experience/ease of use, flexibile to needs, time/cost savings, adds to learner experience etc)

* 5. Do you feel that suppliers’ Account Managers or Customer Service Staff play a role in delivering this positive experience?

* 6. If “Yes”, we would be keen to know who the great account managers in Further Education are so we can find out more about their methods and produce case studies on best practice. Feel free to include the name of any Account Manager(s) and the company(s) they work at.

* 7. A recent EdSurge article called "Rivals No More" highlights the benefits to educators if Google Chrome Books and Ipads were integrated. We would be keen to hear if there any FE comapnies/services that you would like to see integrate with another product or system?

* 8. Contact Details